style tips for yoga beginners

Have you just recently decided to take up yoga and you’re still learning the ropes? If yes, don’t worry. Although it may seem that there are quite a lot of things to think about when preparing for your yoga class, it’s not that hard. And, to help you with some of the issues and questions you may have, we have prepared five style tips which will help you, yoga beginners out there, look fabulous and feel comfortable during your training.

Choose a comfortable top

Yoga requires a lot of movements in all possible directions, so the main rule is that you wear a top which won’t be too tight and prevent you from moving freely. Furthermore, make sure that the neckline is not too low if you’re a woman since instead of concentrating on your exercises, you’ll constantly obsess over what can be seen when you bend. For these reasons, a classic tank top is our personal favourite since your arms will be free and you won’t have to worry whether or not everything is in its place. 

Women should wear a sports bra

perfect bra for yoga beginners

You may have never worn a sports bra before, but once you start with yoga, you won’t be able to live without it. Just imagine a Bikram or Hot Yoga class in your regular bra which holds you so tight that you start sweating with every slightest movement. Instead, a low-impact sports bra will make you feel much more comfortable, and you’ll stay cool throughout the lesson.

Comfortable pants are the most important

Once you have chosen a perfect top, pair it with amazing yoga pants or leggings. They are extremely comfortable, so you’ll be able to move freely and be focused on your poses. You can find these clothes in various well-known shops, and one of our favourite brands is certainly Sivana Spirit. So, search the internet and find what you like.

However, you must keep other things in mind as well. And, although there is nothing as comfortable as leggings, in the case of a Bikram class or hot summer days, you may not want to cover your legs, so go for bicycle shorts instead. They are very practical since they are not too short or loose, so you won’t have to worry that someone will see your private parts.


accessories for yoga beginners

When we say that you should accessorise, dear yoga beginners, we certainly don’t expect you to wear a statement necklace or layered bracelets, but something more yoga-friendly. For example, you can go for a nice headband or a hair tie which will match the colour of your outfit, but it will be practical at the same time since it will keep your hair out of your face allowing you to exercise freely.

Another fantastic accessory piece can be a pair of yoga gloves. With them not only will you look like a yoga professional, but they will prevent your hands from slipping and save you the embarrassment of falling in front of everybody.

Don’t forget a towel and a yoga mat

Another important rule – don’t forget a towel since you can get quite sweaty during your lesson, and we’ll all agree that there is nothing worse than having sweat falling into your eyes while you’re exercising. 

Finally, investing in a stylish and high-quality yoga mat is of the utmost importance. For example, if you have tender knees, go for a thicker mat. It may cost a few bucks more, but it will save you a lot of troubles and make your lessons comfortable. Also, make sure that the mat you choose is not a slippery one since this is the worst nightmare ever of every yoga enthusiast.  

As you can see, only five steps are enough to get you ready for your first yoga lesson. All you need to consider is what makes you feel comfortable and go for it. It’s time for some yoga!

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