Let’s start the blog!

During one of the skype-coffee sessions, Magdalena asked her sister, Monika, to help her in a creation of the online portfolio. Since she was just about to finish her first makeup artistry course.

After a long discussion, the idea of a blog pop put. Our own place, where the subjects of the uploaded content are off limits was so appealing to us. We can share our thoughts on current beauty stash, and much more. The learning and skills development process of the makeup artist can be shown! Because why not? This is the internet, as far as we are concerned, it can handle pretty much everything.

So stay tuned!

Thank you for visiting!

Warm greetings,
Magdalena and Monika


We would like to introduce you to our Style & Fashion section contributor Peter Minkoff.

Peter MInkoff for The Most Sisters
Peter Minkoff

Peter is a beauty and style editor at HighStyleLife and Ivania’s Mode magazine. Besides writing, he worked as a beauty consultant for many fashion events around UK & AU. He loves cooking, travelling and creating DIY clothing and cosmetics. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips!

We are very glad to have you!


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