Together with the temperature decrease and leaves falling, at The Most Sisters we are having fun with the Autumn makeup trends .

The Autumn style – red flick

Autumn look – the red eyeshadow Instagram @themostsisters

The browns and reds are dominating the Autumn 2016 makeup looks. Intensive red eyeshadow is very demanding when it comes to your skin preparation. If you have small imperfections, you might want to get yourself some decent concealer. Magdalena decided to do a red flick look. It makes it more wearable in comparison with the whole eyelid beeing covered in the eyeshadow. Here the white eyeshadow is used, but you can use your regular black eyeliner for even more dramatic finish.

Evening Extravaganza

Evening look Instagram @themostsisters

Matte lipstick and a dose of coppery glitter. This suited for the night look combines two major trends. She decided to leave out the fake lashes. It is Magdalena’s way to downsize the Instagram-look. The Instagram beauty trends are not everyone’s choice. But properly done eye flick can enhance almost every eye shape. And a pinch of glitter makes your eyes rock!

Constant tryouts!

NOTE Mono Eyeshadow in Green

Swatches of our current tryouts are on Instagram before they hit their final review. We are trying them well before we put them on our blog.

We are blown away with the quality and colour payoff of the NOTE eyeshadows. NOTE Cosmetics is the brand we discovered thanks to StyleTone Box (review here), available in Netherlands and Belgium. But the brand is available in many countries, so check them out!

StyleTONE Box October 2016

Let’s love the Autumn a bit more!

We want to stick to the Autumn for a while, and avoid Christmas madness. It is October. Do you think about the presents already? We do not. Of course, we cannot wait cause we will finally see the whole family again but come on, let us just give the Autumn a proper celebration. We are going to have to wait for the next one the whole year 🙂



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