When we started to look around at the newly launched online shop, we were positively surprised with their designed jewellery collections. What makes them stand out is the outstanding form and composition of the pieces.

The list of our favourites got pretty long by now. But today we want to share with you five fabulous bracelets. They should satisfy every fashionista out there!

Sylvia Toledano Design

Sylvia Toledano is Parisian jewel creator. It is very probable that you have already seen her work on the cover of the fashion magazines. Among others, Vogue Paris and Harper’s Bazaar appreciated her work.

Fishnet Cuff with pearls

Fishnet Cuff – buy at

The bracelet was inspired by the fishnet stockings so commonly worn by Parisian women. If you are looking for something sophisticated and sexy at the same time, this bracelet is a perfect choice for you!

Byzance Cuff – the queen among bracelets

Byzance Cuff – buy at

Another made of pearl gold-plated brass cuff is already a classic. It is a perfect choice if you want to add a bit of character to your work outfit.

The Byzantine Cuff – the iconic bracelet

Byzantine Cuff – buy at

Playful and elegant. It is made of multi semi-precious stones, such as Amethyst, Labradorite, Black Onyx, Pink Quartz and Moonstone. It is one of our favourites. Just look at it – it is fabulous, isn’t it?

A minimalist choice

Eros Dots Bracelet – buy at

You are going to love the Eros Dots Bracelet if you appreciate minimalistic and timeless jewellery. The addition of a turquoise stone makes a perfect combo with the gold plated bracelet.

Happy Dots Bracelet – buy at

From many available colours, we have picked the one beautified with a pink quartz. Because of its undoubtful charm and suitable to wear with many outfits. But you can choose a different colour variation of your Happy Dots Bracelet.

Our list is dominated by golden pieces. This is due to slowly approaching holidays and carnival season. At that time the golden accessories are the one we reach out for the most. If you like our picks, let us know and leave a comment below 🙂



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