Fashion is, ultimately, a form of art. It’s a creative little game that’s more than just about looking pretty. It’s a skill, a way to transform yourself and bring out your best features, a way to show off your personality and spin the minds around you with the beauty of your figure. Fashion, darlings, is your power – the power to impress, the power to seduce. Rich fabrics and bright colors, interesting cuts and gorgeous shoes, all of it serves as something you can use to your advantage. To know fashion is to know how to work your body, to have confidence. For that reason, if you’re interested in learning more about it, we’ve compiled a list of tips that will help you level up your style and become one very chic diva.

Recognize quality fabrics

From the sumptuous georgette dresses of queens throughout the history to the cobweb-thin, delicate silk scarves on the graceful necks of stylish gals today, the structure of fabrics used in the making of garments was always a telltale sign of quality. High-quality clothes are expensive, but they’re a good investment. A lush, cashmere sweater will drape over your body beautifully, while a sweater in the same cut but made from a blend of poorly-weaved synthetics might make you look chunky and awkward. Here’s an in-depth guide to picking better fabrics.

Pick versatile pieces

versatile fashion

Back in the twenties, when Coco Chanel introduced the little black dress as a fashion staple, it became a necessary part of every woman’s closet. Why? Because you can do whatever you want with it. Put a cardigan over it and pair it with a pearl necklace and Mary Janes and you’re ready for a lunch with your parents. Wear six-inch heels, silver hoops, and a small clutch and you’re ready for a party. Wear Oxford shoes and a blazer and you can walk straight into the office. Incidentally, blazers are also very versatile pieces that can make any outfit look a touch more polished. Wearing simple skinny jeans and a t-shirt? Put a blazer over that and you’ve got a good look on your hands. Pencil skirts, white button-downs, soft cardigans, these are all great items to have because you can mix and match them with ease and create vastly different outfits with just a few of these staple pieces.

Make summer more fun

You aren’t limited to short skirts and tube tops to look sexy in summer. This is a very fun, though slightly tricky season for fashion, simply because you can’t rely on multiple layers to make things interesting. Try to utilize things like kaftans, maxi dresses, and billowy shirts paired with tight bottoms. Want a great outfit? Take a fun and colorful designer kaftan made of light, breezy fabric, then grab a wide belt and cinch it at the waist. Pair this with some simple leather sandals or summer boots, grab a big hat, and you’ll be the very definition of sultry boho chic.

Good fit and comfort

fashion fit and comfortable

It’s summer, there’s about a hundred degrees outside, and you’ve squeezed yourself into a tight little bodycon dress that’s making you sweat. But hey, you look hot, right? Well, no. The most gorgeous outfit in the world won’t make you look good if you’re in obvious discomfort. Whatever you buy, make sure that it fits you perfectly, and that you feel comfortable in it.

Don’t let a trend take over you

Trends aren’t really rules, they’re guidelines. You shouldn’t follow them blindly and end up looking like everyone else around you. Instead, take a trend that you like and put your own little twist on it, make it unique.

Layer up

jacket flowers layers

A good way to give more visual interest to your outfit is to wear more layers. Ripped jeans with patterned leggings underneath, for example, or sheer blouses over lace tops.

Break the rules

“You must match your shoes to your belt, and match that to your accessories, and match that to your handbag.” Ha! No, you don’t. Experiment. Mix your patterns, wear horizontal stripes, have fun. Rules, especially in fashion, are made to be broken.

The quickest way to really up your fashion game is to simply enjoy it. Try new things, play around, and discover your own style.  

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