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Spring is almost around the corner. If you’re still not familiar with the hottest trends, it’ll bring – stay with us. Here are four of them fashionistas all over the globe will adore, so make sure to incorporate them into your everyday outfits immediately!

50 Shades of Yellow

Yellow is one of the trendiest spring colours this year, and you’ll love the fact that all its shades can be taken into consideration. The good news is that there’s a nuance for every skin tone, so don’t worry – you’ll be able to find an appropriate one for yourself, too!

Many people claim that yellow is a colour of joy, hope, and optimism, which makes it more than perfect for an upcoming season. The Pantone Color Institute even came up with Minion Yellow – a shade inspired by the Despicable Me characters who are so energetic, fun-loving, and friendly. If you want a hint of that in your outfit, go for yellow, and you won’t make a mistake!

Sassy Feather-Trimmed Shoes are Everything

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Even though feather-trimmed mules have been considered a boudoir accessory in the very beginning, the truth is that they’re now one of the hottest trends in the fashion industry. Remember Carrie Bradshaw who couldn’t wear a pair of such mules when she was desperately trying to seduce Jack Berger? Well, she would regret that now, because these are a huge hit these days!

They’re so sassy and trendy. You can match them up with literally anything – from skinny jeans and oversized hoodies to much more glamorous outfits. Apart from being so versatile, they look more than sensational, which is why you need to have them asap!

Single shoulder cutouts to the rescue

Everyone knows that both cutouts and off-the-shoulder detailing were among the biggest hits last summer, and guess what – they’re now combined into one smokin’ hot trend you’ll absolutely adore! Prominent designers and fashion houses are completely obsessed with shoulders. That obsession has been taken to a whole new level! No longer focusing on both of them, but on only one shoulder.

Such a shape seems to be extremely attractive since it focuses on placing cutouts strategically – in order not to look vulgar or tacky. Such detailing will inevitably show a bit of your skin. But that’s completely fine – as long as you look classy and stylish!

Ruffled Dresses as a Major Spring Trend

ruffeled dresses spring 2017 trends fashionistas

Ladylike, feminine dresses have always been typical of spring, and the truth is that these are more beautiful than ever. Ruffles are making a huge comeback this season. Make sure to get kaftans, as well as skirts, that feature this gorgeous detail.

As for the print, floral is always a good option; however, it’s a bit too predictable. You can always pick some unusual ones, such as a cherry print – it’s more than cute and therefore perfectly appropriate for spring. Go for asymmetric pleats and delicate ruffles, and you’re good to go!

Each of these four amazing trends will be huge this spring. It is exactly what makes them the ultimate must-haves for all the fashionistas out there. If you consider yourself a fashion-forward girl, make sure to incorporate those into your everyday outfits.

And you’re ready for spring!

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