hot gossip lovelorn pink mac lipstick review swatches

To have a MAC lipstick in your beauty stash is like to have a little black dress in your closet – you simply cannot go without them. The trick is, it does take the time to find that perfect shade and consistency. And as probably you know there is a lot to choose from when it comes to a MAC Cosmetics. Today I want to share with you the review of two lipsticks that colours are a perfect fit for an everyday makeup.

Let us start with apologies to our Instagram fans. We have promised earlier this week to share with you a review of other lipsticks, the Matte Revolution Mini Charms from Charlotte Tilbury. Unfortunately, we have to fix the pictures of this one, and then the review will be published. Forgive us and enjoy today’s MAC review 🙂

Pretty in Pink with MAC

hot gossip lovelorn pink mac lipstick review
Lovelorn & Hot Gossip MAC Cosmetics

As we all know MAC has a broad range of colours and finishes in their lipstick range. I went for pinks since they look the most flattering with my neutral skin tone. In comparison to my sister porcelain kinda doll face skin, my tendency to red cheeks goes against me wearing red lipstick. At least without me applying a thick layer of full coverage foundation. So my lipstick shade is always going to be some version of a pink.

Lovelorn and Hot Gossip

hot gossip lovelorn mac lipstick swatches
Swatches: Lovelorn & Hot Gossip

Lovelorn is a Lustre finish lipstick (category by MAC). It goes very smoothly on the lips leaving them moist and glossy. It provides light to medium coverage. For me, it almost resembles a heavier lip gloss but with way better durability on the lips.

The shade itself is candy like but without it looking cheap. I love the instant moisture boost it provides right after the application.

Lovelorn MAC Cosmetics lipstick
Lovelorn Lipstick MAC Cosmetics

The Hot Gossip belongs to the Creamsheen group of MAC lipsticks. And by that, it should be medium buildable to maximum coverage, with a shiny finish.

The difference in consistency in comparison to Lustre is noticeable immediately during application. Hot Gossip is more buttery cream, just slightly thicker.

It covers the lips with beautiful rosy colour just with one swipe. I love this colour so much! It is simple, yet sophisticated.

Although, the Lovelorn is slightly more shiny it is less sticky on the lips. It does not bother me a lot; it’s just I do not like to blot all layers of the lipstick because I like the shiny products more. For me the shiner the better. Personal preference 🙂

Hot Gossip MAC Cosmetics lipstick
Hot Gossip MAC Cosmetics

In the last two weeks, those were the only lipsticks I used. Overall, I fell in love with them. Besides the sticky feeling of Hot Gossip, I wouldn’t change anything about them.

The fact that I was blindly picking the shades got me nervous. Because it is rather rare that I buy something without checking it thoroughly online. Now I can relax and pat myself on the back 😉

Both Lovelorn and Hot Gossip were € 19,50 ( for 3 g of product). I got them at At all the MAC’s Pink lipsticks are $17,50.

I hope you liked the review. If yes share it or leave us a comment. For you the Pinterest lovers, I made small Lovelorn & Hot Gossip Cheat Sheet. Enjoy!

hot gossip lovelorn mac lipsticks review swatches

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