Instagram Photos This Summer

You don’t have to be an Instagram star to want to have photos like one, right? There is something absolutely stunning about the way our favourite Instagrammers catch our attention day after day after day after… well, you get the gist. Although most of them are either professional models, photographers, designers, makeup artists, they use Instagram – currently most popular social network to advertise their business. They know what they are doing from the get-go, we can’t let that scare us into not trying to imitate the beauty of the Instagram life we’re influenced by on a daily basis.

With that in mind, we’ve brainstormed a few tips that will help you take fantastic Instagram photos and look absolutely fabulous in them.

Here we go:

Nothing without a theme

Regardless of the item, you want to snap (even if it’s only your super tasty summer cocktail), adding a related element into the pic will perfect the vibe of your Instagram take. For instance, you want to take a photo of the abovementioned cocktail and make it look fabulous. What should you do? Add an item to your cocktail glass that’s similar/same in color as any of the colors featured in a cocktail. Find the best angle so that both items show and match in color. Snap. Voila! The purpose of matching colors is to create a story and add an interesting twist to the photo that would, otherwise, be just a boring snap of a boring glass.

Bright colors are always the most eye-catching

instagram photos


You know how fast you scroll through your Insta feed? Well, others do it just as fast. To make them actually stop for a second and tap that heart, you need something eye-catching! A pop of color will do just that, always. Whether it’s delightfully coordinated colors of the beach you are at, the pastels of the nearby restaurant or a bright graffiti wall you saw in your vacation neighborhood, brights are a fabulous eye-catcher and an awesome hook for likes!

Instagram photos rule #3: one foot forward, always

Whether you are showing off that gorgeous one piece swimwear or parading your recent summer purchase, make sure you take one foot and step forward instead of planting your feet straight down. Your body will instantly get a natural curve, making you look taller and leaner! An added bonus? The pose will add a touch of visual aesthetics and the feel of movement to the photo.

Add a little mystique to the frame

perfect selfie instagram photos


You don’t always have to have everything out there; play with angles, shades, and hints to intrigue the viewer. Rather than trying to shoot the entire composition and fit it into one frame, cut off the sides a bit to create a more alluring photo. For instance, when making your summer portrait (aka selfie) turn it into a piece of magic. Instead of taking a regular selfie (with your entire face, torso and sometimes body showing), take a snap of your shoulder with a bikini strap visible, a few strands of hair barely there, and half of your face showing. This idea of hinted summer sensuality will look perfect, especially if you are tanned and the camera caught those white bikini lines that didn’t catch the sun. You can wear a smile or not – you choose the mood.

When shooting outfits, opt for a simple backdrop

When you’re posting a photo of yourself with an accent on the outfit you are wearing, make sure nothing takes away the attention from the outfit (and you). The simpler the background, the better that outfit pop.

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