styling LBD little black dress

It is true, and has always been true that the Little Black Dress is a force of nature. And by nature, we mean fashion. It is the single most effective item of clothing a gal can pull from her closet.

Still, as no man is an island, this iconic dress was also not meant to stand alone. To make a full desired impact for any given occasion, it needs its army of other clothing items and accessories. To that end, here are the best tips and tricks on how to style your LBD like the best of them, and achieve that show-stopping, jaw-dropping look.

Slay That Outerwear

If you want to elevate your LBD-based look to swirling heights of sophistication, class but also creativity, go for bold outerwear. The animal print coat can be a risky card to pull on many other occasions. But it is a bold and powerful, yet foolproof addition to the LBD look. It adds a touch of bravery while maintaining a sense of true sophistication and fierceness. Paired with simple stilettos and a clutch to match, you will own any room.

If, however, animal print is not your forte, there are other prints you can choose from in order to make an impact, and one of them is a bold floral spring coat. The floral print is basically a forever print that gives light, breeziness and a touch of whimsy to any look. When met with the LBD, the clash does not only work, but these two almost conflicting items both complement one another in a way that they simply make each other POP!

little black dress LBD and dots

Not Like Audrey Hepburn, But…

Yes, this next suggestion is not exactly something Audrey Hepburn would have had in mind when it comes to the LBD and its companions, but hey, this is 2017, the era of fashion versatility.

This year is all about embracing athleisure. So if there was ever the right time to put on your sneakers Runaway Bride style, and strut the streets with them paired up with this dress, it is definitely this year. And if you do not own a dress of this variety, it is never too late to rectify the situation. There are plenty of different black dresses for sale everywhere around you. So go and take your pick, hurry. As for the bag, it can be a solid duffle or even a leather backpack, the choice is all yours.

little black dress and jacket

Trends are Fleeting, Leather is Forever

Whether you wear genuine leather jackets, or you are animal friendly and go for the faux version, a leather jacket is one of those staple pieces a fashion conscientious gal absolutely must own. Apart from the LBD.

What better combination to make than the one that features not one but two timeless pieces? LBD and leather jackets have always been in love, even though you may have tried to keep them apart. It is high time these should be united as they truly make a killer combo that is both edgy, but also sophisticated. A combo you can wear to work and then just catch up with friends for an after-work drink. For a full impact, the wisest choice are ankle boots with a block heel. You are welcome. Now go, and get the most of your god given right to some LBD magic.

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