how to upgrade your style in 4 steps

Even though many people think that an impeccable personal style is based on brand new clothing items that make a flawless outfit, the truth is that you don’t need hundreds of dollars on a weekly basis to get some new garments and upgrade your own style. This can be done in just four simple yet effective steps, so stay with us and learn how to make it happen.

Pick underwear and swimwear according to your body shape

Your underwear selection means more than you can imagine, and the truth is that an inappropriate bra and panties can ruin your clothing combo similarly to bad fit. That’s precisely why you should pick your underwear according to your body shape so that all your minor flaws like a bigger tummy or a larger bottom are properly camouflaged and taken care of. When you opt for unflattering underwear, it’s highly likely that those flaws will be even more emphasized, since your bra and panties will hug your body in wrong places and create those hideous bumps and lumps no one loves. The same goes for picking perfect swimwear – make sure you know your body with all its curves and minor flaws because that’s the key to finding a fabulous piece!

A belt makes everything better

style upgrade belt

Even though throwing on a belt may seem irrelevant, the fact is that this accessory can make a difference. It can transform a dull outfit into a fabulous one by accentuating your waist and bringing balance to your overall look, so be sure not to forget it. In case you were wondering, it does a great job on layers as well, which is good to know since a bunch of layers can make you look bulky and shapeless. An ordinary belt will pull your whole look together and help your body appear more carved out and properly shaped under all those clothes so that all those layers don’t swallow you up!

Knot button-downs to accentuate your waist

On the other hand, if you want to emphasize your waist without using a belt, you should try out the following trick. Tying you button-down instead of letting it hang, can do wonders for your figure since that will visually cut your torso in the right place and thus make your waist seem tinier. If it’s chilly outside, you can always wear a turtleneck or any shirt underneath the button-down, so that your belly doesn’t show. Just undo the bottom three buttons, tie the shirt tails into a perfect knot, and you’re good to go.

Upgrade basic looks with a scarf

scarf style upgrade

Even the most basic looks can be complemented and upgraded with just one appropriate accessory, and we’re talking about a scarf in this case. If you’re tired of all those necklaces, you already wore dozens of times, and you’re looking for something new, you should give scarves a shot. Even a bandana will do the trick and transform your ordinary outfit into a stunning one. You can either fold it in half and tie it behind your neck, leaving the pointed side in front or tightly roll it and tie it around your neck. You can also use it as a headband if you’re having a bad hair day!

As you can see, there are so many ways to upgrade your personal style and come up with fabulous outfits in just a few simple steps. Each of these four is essential if you want to make that happen, so be sure to stick to them and you’ll see an instant improvement!

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