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Asian women are well known for their long-lasting beauty. The increasing interest in the Korean and Japanese skin care and makeup results with consistently increasing the number of shops and suppliers offering a broad range of products to choose from on our market. They tempt us with both well-proven and innovative ingredients. Cute packaging is just a nice bonus.


mostglamour Snail Repair Eye Cream Mizon

At the end of January 2016, I have decided to try out the Snail Repair Eye Cream from Korean brand Mizon. The producer says it is infused with 80% snail mucin. It is supposed to hydrate, reduce the look of the fine lines and brighten up the dark under eye areas.

I have been using it for one and half month now. It has light, non-sticky consistency, suitable under the makeup. The moisturising properties are significant. I have noticed that my eye area is getting brighter.

Honestly, I would love to write that my wrinkles are gone, but they aren’t. Still, I am repurchasing this product. Although there is 25 ml in the jar, which is ten more than in regular eye cream packaging, I have used a lot of it. I have this thick line on my forehead – so I was patting the cream in that area. If there is a solution for this thick packer it has to be in snail’s trail, wink. I recommend this cream to everyone.

As it is in life, when you are shopping for your eye cream and mascara, you leave the counter with at least two other products. Online stores are doing that by placing “You might also like” section right under the products. And tell me honestly, who would have said no to cute panda and a cherry on top of their vanity set? Not me.


mostglamour TONYMOLY Pandas Dream Brightening Eye Base

It is a brightening eye base delivered to you by the little giant panda. Panda also holds the bamboo leaves… The formula is very light. It melts quickly under the fingertips warmth. It leaves under eye area brighter and moisturised. Sometimes I use it without any other covering specifics.

On the days when I would put the whole eye makeup after application with my fingers, I blend it more with the brush to minimise the eyeshadow creasing. But I haven’t noticed any worse stay on properties of my eyeshadows when I use this base upfront.

Sometimes I use it as a face highlighter. It gives very gentle glow to the skin. No worries, the foundation and other products stick to the skin easily afterwards. You can see the effects of the daylight on the pictures below.

mostglamour TONYMOLY Pandas Dream Brightening Eye Base swatch
TONY MOLY Panda’s Dream Brightening Eye Base swatch
TONYMOLY Pandas Dream Brightening Eye Base 01
TONY MOLY Panda’s Dream Brightening Eye Base before blending
TONYMOLY Pandas Dream Brightening Eye Base blended
TONY MOLY Panda’s Dream Brightening Eye Base blended 🙂
TONY MOLY Panda's Dream Brightening Eye Base 03 blended plus Perfect Cover BB Cream Missha no21 plus Dior Voyage Palette eyeshadows 02
TONY MOLY Panda’s Dream Brightening Eye Base plus Dior Voyage Palette eyeshadows

I would suggest to apply it lightly if you are going to be exposed to the flashlight photography. If not covered with the layer of colour might result with reverse panda effect.


mostglamour Scandal Queen Quattro Mascara Fairy Drops

Over the last year, I have found several reviews of FAIRYDROPS mascaras. We all have our unique vision of the perfect mascara. This one is mainly classified as the curling mascara. The fibres and firm-forming polymers are supposed to help with the long-lasting effects. You can see the results after one and two coats on the pictures below. I haven’t use the eyelash curler before.

Scandal Queen Quattro Mascara Fairy Drops one coat
ONE COAT – Scandal Queen Quattro Mascara Fairy Drops
Scandal Queen Quattro Mascara Fairy Drops two coats
TWO COATS – Scandal Queen Quattro Mascara Fairy Drops

The results are decent. So is the durability of the formula itself. It does not smudge, but unfortunately, it flakes on me. That is the reason why, instead of using it, I keep on swirling in my old Masterpiece mascara. It is not a life changing product for me. It is possible that would be more pleased with a waterproof version.


mostglamour Cherry Lip Balm TONYMOLY

I love it! Most of the time I use it instead of a lipgloss. Smells fruity. It is not sticky and almost tasteless. It keeps lips moisturised and nourished long after application. That is why it can be a great night treatment for overly dried lips.

 Asian Beauty Introduction post

The reviewed products can be found online. You can try to find local distributors on your own.

For worldwide shipping, you can go to 

If you live in Poland, try:

For my colleagues in Netherlands, the place to go is Conceptual Styles in Rotterdam. They have all range of products, including skin care, clothes and candies straight from Korea. You can check it out here:

I hope you find this review useful. You can expect another piece dedicated to Asian beauty soon. If there is something that I should avoid or buy, leave your advice in the comment section below. Greetings!


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