KIKO MIlano Unlimited Stylo Longlasting Creamy Lipstick Review and Swatches 2

Last year matte lipsticks took over our hearts by storm. It is not an exaggeration when we say that there is no beauty brand out there that does not have a matte lipstick in their arsenal. Today we want to share with your our thoughts on KIKO Milano Unlimited Stylo matte lipstick.

I am here for the train. Oh, there is KIKO!

KIKO MIlano Unlimited Stylo review and swatches
KIKO Milano Unlimited Stylo in shades 06 – 10 – 21

During our visit to Amsterdam, we had some time on our hands while we were waiting for the train. And as it usually happens you take a stroll through the shopping area. Encouraged by beautiful KIKO display, we had a pick at their beauty products.

As you can imagine we swatched the cookie out of their lipsticks, eyeshadows and foundations. The Unlimited Stylo lipsticks got our attention.

From over ten shades available we had picked three that were supposed to be a lovely addition to the more subtle daily makeup palette.

Great expectations

KIKO MIlano Unlimited Stylo Swatches 06 10 21
KIKO Milano Unlimited Stylo | Swatches 06 – 10 – 21

Without a doubt, the natural shades are very bewitching. That is the reason we got them in the first place. Did you notice how smooth and beautiful those swatches look like?

Stylish packaging, lovely shade range, a semi-matte look. Unfortunately, those are all good sides of this product. Now it is time to bring the pain.

There is no point to talk about the longevity of this lipstick which seems to be tolerable when your lipstick is far from looking good. To say this lipstick is chunky is to say nothing. Who cares about monoi oil and passion fruit extract infusion, when you look like you have just found your mother’s lipstick from the 80s and decided to use it?

It is time for breathing exercises. It is only a lipstick after all.

Can you make it work?

Sure you can! If your lips are super smooth and prep, but not overly balmy, you can kinda make it work. The question is, should you use lip peeling each time when you want to apply your lipstick? And we all know the answer is no.

You can also warm it up on your hand and apply it with a lip brush. But the application straight from the bullet results in one big mess.

KIKO MIlano Unlimited Stylo in 06
KIKO Milano Unlimited Stylo in 06

Shade 06 looks acceptable from the far. You can dab it with your fingers to slightly smooth it out. Still, it will wear out unevenly. Just like two other shades.

KIKO MIlano Unlimited Stylo in 10
KIKO Milano Unlimited Stylo in 10

It crumbles the most; it almost flakes off. Although the colour payoff is not an issue, shade 10 is the most disappointing of all three.

KIKO MIlano Unlimited Stylo in 21
KIKO Milano Unlimited Stylo in 21

We left the best for last. Shade 21 distributes more evenly. It gives you few hours of good looking lipstick. Still, it is not going to be a fab lipstick day.

We are huge fans of KIKO Milano makeup and skin care products. As probably you are too. We are honest when we say it is one of our favourite drugstore brands. It is the reason we were expecting slightly more from this launch. Unfortunately, the Unlimited Stylo lipsticks brought more ‘pain’ than joy.


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