LA Girl Pro Conceal Review and Swatches

Somewhere in the middle of November (2016) we ordered two shades of the L.A. Girl HD Pro Concealer. The holy grail of concealers as some claim. A budget friendly makeup miracle – we have heard.

The long list of promises includes crease-resistance, complete yet natural-looking coverage. The product is supposed to cover dark under eyes circles and minimise the fine lines around our eyes. Yes, we have heard it before. Still, the five-star rating of the product by the satisfied customers gave us a small push to test this praised by many concealer.

Let’s give it a go!

LA Girl Pro Conceal Porcelain and Light Ivory
LA Girl Pro Conceal in Porcelain and Light Ivory


You can choose from 28 shades, including the colour correctors. The Porcelain and Light Ivory are the lightest shades in the collection. For the test purposes, we figured out it will be better to have two colour variations for a better match chances.

Each tube contains 8 grammes of a product. Depending on where you are buying the price may vary.  We got them at for €4,99.  If you go directly to L.A. Girl web page, you pay $5.00.

By the way, the low price might be one of the arguments justifying the popularity of this concealer.

LA Girl Pro Conceal Swatches Porcelain and Light Ivory
LA Girl Pro Conceal Swatches: Porcelain (left) and Light Ivory (right)

The pictures of the swatches were done before the concealers dried out. After some time we experienced some oxidation and subtle colour change. And with that, the yellow undertone of the products was enhanced.

Sad face time

Unfortunately, neither of us liked the final finish of the product. We have several budget friendly concealers in our stock which we love, but the L.A Girl HD Pro Conceal is not going to be one of them.

LA Girl Pro Conceal Porcelain
LA Girl HD Pro Conceal in Porcelain

As you can see from the picture above, the dark circles were not completely covered. The eye area looks way worse than before the concealer application (we have lost somehow the pic before, please forgive us :*).

The skin got dry as paper, and every bit of the texture was way more visible. Before we completely discredit the product, short disclaimer. It is not the worst product on the planet. There were some from Catrice in the same price range, which were way worse.

However, if for example in the ‘beauty on a budget’ category we give Maybelline FIT me! Concealer 5 starts, HD Pro Concealer is 2+ max.

What is the trick behind this concealer? Are we doing it wrong?

So many makeup geeks swear by it. But we had the same issues with both shades. Help us out, please.


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