Mini Lipstick Charms in Matte Revolution | Review

Charlotte Tilbury again offers us the Mini Lipstick Charms. This time with three lipsticks from her Matte Revolution lipsticks range. From the ten lipstick shades available in this formulation, this Mini Charms set includes three beautiful travel-size versions of Red Carpet Red, Amazing Grace and Very Victoria.

mini lipstick charms matte revolution review swatches charlotte

Mini Lipstick Charms Matte Revolution

I was very excited to finally be able to buy the Charms. It is sold out most of the time in the official Charlotte Tilbury shops. Luckily for me, it was only last year when the brand started to be available in de Bijenkorf – one of the Dutch flagship stores. Where this beautiful lipstick gift set was still available. After few days of testing, I can share my review of the Matte Revolution Mini Lipstick Charms.

Rose Gold Beauties

mini lipstick charms matte revolution review swatches tilbury

You can imagine how surprised I was when I took out this tiny box from the huge cardboard envelope. I was like “Is this it?” for few seconds. Then I opened the box and three golden rose bullets with a ribbon of top revealed itself. Once I opened all the lipsticks I was amazed by the colour selection. I didn’t know which one I wanted to try out first.

Matte Revolution

This formulation is described as a luminous modern-matte. It provides hydration and it’s infused with tea tree and orchid extracts. Lipsticks glide on the lips leaving them covered in gorgeous vibrant colours.

red carpet red amazing grace very victoria swatches

Red Carpet Red – Amazing Grace – Very Victoria Swatches (artificial lighting).

You remember me mentioning ‘the picture problems’ I in the previous MAC lipstick review? Well, my lamp went mental on me. As a result, the pictures of me wearing lipsticks had to be done in daylight.

But maybe is all for the best. At least you can see for yourself, the of so fabulous pigmentation of the lipsticks!


Red Carpet Red Matte Revolution Lipstick Charlotte Tilbury

Red Carpet Red Matte Revolution Lipstick Charlotte Tilbury

The Red Carpet Red is a ruby red shade. It is a stunning Hollywood-style red classic. The subtle glow that you get right after the application wears down with time, leaving a smooth wash of colour.


Amazing Grace Matte Revolution Lipstick Charlotte Tilbury

Amazing Grace Matte Revolution Lipstick Charlotte Tilbury

This pink coral shade is inspired by Grace Kelly. It is soft, vintage tea rose colour that so many of us is searching for.


Very Victoria Matte Revolution Lipstick Charlotte Tilbury

Very Victoria Matte Revolution Lipstick Charlotte Tilbury

It is a taupe nude lipstick. It is beautiful shade without a doubt. However, it is slightly brownish. What makes it incompatible with my pink skin undertones. Also, I have noticed it makes my teeth look bit yellow. And it was not the case with the two previous shades.

The matte lipstick of the future?

The Matte Revolution lipsticks are unique without a doubt. It’s a luxurious looking and feeling lipstick. The pigmentation is strong but still, the lips remain hydrated. What as we know is not the case for so may matte lipsticks out there.

The colour wears off evenly throughout the day. You can expect few hours of wear time easily. Probably if I would use the recommended lips pencils, as Charlotte Tilbury advises us to do, I could elongate their durability even more. The mini size of the Charms will fit the most crowded purses out there 🙂

Overall, I am very pleased with them. I paid €39,00 for this set at de Bijenkorf (Netherlands). You can try your luck at the official Charlotte Tilbury UK shop where this Mini Lipstick Trio costs £29.00.

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