OFRA Malibu BellaPierre Orchid Liquid Lipstick review swatches

With the dark plums and luxe berries lips still holding strong among the spring makeup trends, you might like some feedback on the new release from BellaPierre Cosmetics, their mineral Kiss Proof Lip Creme. Since OFRA Cosmetics delivered one of the best liquid lipstick out there I will make a comparison of the two very similar shades and evaluate, among others, their texture and durability.

The Liquid Lipsticks Are Holding Strong Too

OFRA Malibu BellaPierre Orchid Liquid Lipstick review swatches pic
OFRA in Malibu | BellaPierre in shade Orchid

The liquid lipsticks have their permanent place in our vanity sets. And even if you are more old fashion kinda girl like me, and you do prefer more traditional satin lipsticks, you will have to face matte formulations at some point in your beauty life.

When the BellaPierre Kiss Proof Creme came in one of my StyleTone beauty boxes (unfortunately available only in Benelux countries). Immediately I went through my beauty stash and grabbed the OFRA’s Liquid Lipstick in Malibu.  You can see that even the packaging design is very similar.

OFRA vs BellaPierre

The first thing that you notice immediately after opening both lipsticks is their smell. For OFRA a soft vanilla scent, while BellePirre went for a fruity vibe. The scents go away with time so it not a big of an issue for me.

Both lipsticks have doe foot applicator. OFRA’s is smaller and softer, allowing for more precise application.

OFRA Malibu BellaPierre Orchid Liquid Lipstick swatches
Left: OFRA in Malibu Right: BellaPierre in Orchid

I honestly thought that OFRA’s Malibu was a matte lipstick. Apparently is a more satin formula, with almost undetectable light reflecting particles. You do notice them with this zoom though. Officially it is a matte colour formula lipstick (checked it at OFRA’s web page 🙂 ).

Luxe Berry Lip Look

The Malibu is very opaque and goes smoothly on the lips. As I have mentioned before, the small size of the applicator gives control over the application, allowing to get those lip corners right #thumbsup. So even if you are not very skilled in lipstick application, the applicator and a light mousse formula make the whole process fool proof.

OFRA Cosmetics Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Malibu
OFRA Cosmetics Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Malibu

The BellaPierre’s Orchid is not completely opaque therefore it takes more time to cover the lips completely. I need few strokes with the applicator to cover a specific area. You can notice that in the picture below. That perfectly lined lips are more difficult to obtain without using a lip liner first.

BellaPierre Kiss Proof Lip Creme in Orchid
BellaPierre Kiss Proof Lip Creme in Orchid

The Malibu is more comfortable for me to wear. The lips do not fell overly dry as with the other lipstick. You probably can notice every fine line on my lips in the Orchid picture above, yikes.

Both lipsticks are without a doubt long wearing. Also, both wear off unevenly to certain extend. So it is better to have it in your purse.

Unfortunately, the Kiss Proof Lip Creme is harder to get rid of at the end of the day. Unfortunately, because I wanted to find some pros of BellaPierre creme. OK, maybe the fact that BellaPierre is a mineral makeup will do the trick for you.

I understand if those arguments do not apply to the different shades of the Kiss Proof Lip Creme lipsticks. But out of those two berry lipsticks, I do prefer the OFRA’s Malibu.

OFRA’S LONG LASTING LIQUID LIPSTICK – MALIBU is $19,90 (€13.40 at beautybay.com).

BELLAPIERRE KISS PROOF LIP CREME – ORCHID IS $20,00. (if you live outside of US, bellapierre.com also ships internationally for additional fee).


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