The Ordinary Colours Coverage Foundation Review

The Ordinary Colours Coverage Foundation is one of the two The Ordinary Colours formulations. Unfortunately, the Serum Foundation got lost somewhere along the way from the Great Britain to the Netherlands. After few months between signing up to the preorder list till the delivery day, I can finally share my thoughts on this highly anticipated, affordable makeup from The Ordinary.

High-Spreadability Pigment Suspension System with High Coverage – SPF 15

The Ordinary Colours Coverage Foundation 1.2Y
The Ordinary Colours Coverage Foundation in shade 1.2Y

Aka The Ordinary Colours Coverage Foundation comes in astounding 21 shades and as mentioned before, two different formulations – Serum and Coverage Foundation.

The Ordinary Colours Coverage Foundation all colours swatches
Swatches by The Ordinary

This one promises a full coverage without the heavy makeup look. The Ordinary claims it is also crease resistant and long wearing formula. For €6,90 per bottle (1fl oz/30 ml of product) I can understand why hundreds of thousands of makeup lovers, including myself, wanted to get their hands on this product.

For the sake of this product review, I will put aside the delivery issues.

Since the brand launch at Victoria Health last year, I was used to the fact my orders were partially executed. The hype brand had to face was something they were not ready for production wise. Luckily for us, they moved to a bigger production facility. On top of that, now there are more online shops around the world we can choose from, that immediately inform about the availability of the product.

Let us cover the basics first


The Ordinary Colours Coverage Foundation Ingredients
The Ordinary Colours Coverage Foundation –

I like the lightweight and minimalistic packaging. The pump is a plus as usually. There is a subtle chemical scent to it that reminds me of other The Ordinary products. But it vanishes few minutes after application.

Once you get some product out, I can notice a subtle chemical scent to it that reminds me of other The Ordinary products that vanishes few minutes after application.

As I person with oily skin, I do appreciate alcohol and oil-free formula. If you are a vegan, you also have a green light with this one. There are two emulsifiers and preservatives which can affect a susceptible skin. It has two physical sunscreens, which I do prefer over the chemical ones.

My biggest concern is usually Dimethicone that can break me out and is present here. Overall, the liquid foundations and primers are not the best for everyday use for me. My acne prone skin forced me to go with the powder base in my day to day makeup.

On the third day of the beauty test, I did notice more texture around my cheeks. It is usually a sign for me to have a break from makeup if I want to avoid more severe inflammation. But this is just my skin. Almost all the foundations clog my pores after few days, even majority of the moisturisers do. This is just how my skin behaves.

If your skin does not have issues with the regular drugstore foundations, I believe this one should be suitable for you.

The Ordinary Colours Coverage Foundation 1.2Y Swatch
The Ordinary Colours Coverage Foundation 1.2Y Swatch

The shade I picked – 1.2Y might be slightly too dark for me at this point. The summer refuses to cooperate these days, so I am not even bothered to apply self-tanner. But the formula mixes well with the moisturiser in case you are in the same situation and are interested into slightly warming up your skin tone without the horrific colour difference between the face and the rest of your body.


The Ordinary Colours Coverage Foundation makeup before after
Before & After pic in daylight

Depending on the condition of my skin there was a difference in the final appearance of your makeup. The Coverage Foundation is not the most forgiving when it comes to the dry patches and enlarge pores. But when I had proper peel and used Figs and Rouge Pore Minimising Serum, I was more pleased with it.

You might say it is only natural you would prep your skin like that. But on the days when I am on the run, I have a quick shower and tap a small amount of moisturiser followed by the Wet n Wild photo focus Foundation. And it is, most of the time, a good makeup day recipe for me.

The pro of this product can be its medium to full coverage and matte but still natural looking skin up to 4 hours on an oily skin. Still, with every additional layer, the skin imperfections tend to get more visible.

The biggest con is that is not as smudge proof as I would like it to be (I am not talking Double Wear staying power, but let’s say Maybelline Fit Me Matte Poreless foundation-like formula would be good enough for me).

It is OK

To be honest, I could leave you with just this one sentence to answer most of your questions regarding this product.

Application – OK, coverage – OK, wear time – OK. I won’t tell you to stay away from this product. On the other hand, I am not recommending it either.

The fact it comes with the pump doesn’t trump the Wet n Wild Foundation. With that being said, in general, this foundation is OK. But since the beauty test, I haven’t used it even once.

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