How to Reclaim Your Beauty with the Power of Nature

The world we are living in is growing unhealthier. As a result, we are being bombarded by a myriad of products labelled green and organic. Often these items are no more than catchy propaganda that tries to cash in on the concerns of the day. Be it food, cosmetics or makeup; it is necessary for your health and well-being to consider more natural and environmentally-friendly products. These offer a range of splendid benefits which will easily win you over, once you understand that you can live comfortably and without sacrifices using the power of nature.

We have compiled for you a quick beginner’s guide to living healthily and naturally.

Organic Skin Care

Organic Skincare

Everyone likes to take good care of their skin and body in general, which is why we use a number of products each day. Face and hand creams, body lotions, moisturisers, tonics, sunscreen, perfumes, the list is endless. Another thing we normally do is failing to check the ingredient list, which is a big mistake. Many of these products contain ingredients that research is starting to link to cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, which is horrible even to consider. This is why going natural is a powerful trend.

Natural cosmetics aren’t new on the market, but they are becoming increasingly popular and important, widening their range of toiletries. So, you cannot complain anymore about how it is difficult to find quality, all-natural products for all body parts, as these are becoming more versatile and more sophisticated each year. We know that jumping on the organic bandwagon isn’t an easy decision since there is still the dilemma of “real organic” – “not real organic”, which is why we recommend this green beauty blog, where you can learn in great detail about eco-beauty.

Organic Makeup

Organic makeup

Makeup is a big part of our lives. By deciding to avoid chemical-based products and opt for green beauty instead, you will be doing yourself and the planet a world of good. Don’t stray too far into the unknown though, since “organic” can be a deceptive term, so instead, choose mineral makeup from established brands like Nude by Nature. These products go light on your skin, are non-toxic and highly effective.

The extensive range of makeup products is formulated with all-natural ingredients and no preservatives and remains top-notch in the beauty world. Moreover, they are rich in nutrients and herbal extracts which nourish and illuminate your skin. Forget about artificial fragrances that can have a range of unwanted effects. Embrace the nature-loving scents derived from the natural ingredients. These products have gone such a long way, and now it’s high time you tested some of their amazing benefits.

DIY Products

DIY products

Chances are you’ve already tried some DIY facial mask or hair concoction. The main benefits of DIY are that you use ingredients you already have at home and that you know exactly what’s in them. Not to mention that it’s quick and inexpensive. Here we give you two ideas to try out in your kitchen ASAP.

Firstly, all you need for this exfoliating scrub is three tablespoons of coffee grounds, a tablespoon natural oil of your choice (olive, coconut, or almond) and a tablespoon of brown sugar. Mix the dry ingredients, then add oil, and finally apply onto your face in gentle circular motions. This coffee scrub is gold. It will eliminate impurities and dead skin cells, making your face fresh and radiant. Another thing you should try is the banana facial mask. You just need a ripe banana that you can mash up into a smooth paste, then apply it to your face and neck. It has excellent moisturising properties.  And you can prepare it in just a couple of minutes.

We hope you will try some of these ideas and understand that nature can be your greatest ally in reclaiming your beauty. Real organic goes a long way and offers unparalleled benefits for your body. Pamper yourself with natural, nutrient-rich, and eco-friendly products.

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