Real Techniques Your Picks Berlin Makeup Brush Set Review

There is something special about limited edition brushes, isn’t it? Especially if they come from such fine brand as Real Techniques. We have been fans of the Pixwoo tandem for a long time now. As we are of their makeup tools…

Over the years the design of the brushes changed slightly. Apparently, the colours of the handles are different for their basic collections. Presented below, Sam’s Pic collection still looks and feels  as new 🙂

Real Techniques Sams Picks Set
Sam’s Picks Set Real Techniques

Real Techniques fan-favourite brushes in one set!


This Real Techniques Your Picks Makeup Brush Set design is one of a kind. It is inspired by the Berlin’s street art scene. Eye-catching black and white mural design enhanced by the vivid purple colour looks fabulous.

We have a small problem with the classification of the handle material. It seems like the top part is a made out of plastic and the purple part is hard rubber. It makes the brushes light and easy to hold.

The set contains five fan-favourite brushes. Synthetic UltraPlush™ bristles are very soft and fluffy. They wash easily and after several baths, they have kept their shape perfectly.

Real Techniques Your Picks Berlin Makeup Brush Set Cleaning
Real Techniques Your Picks Berlin Makeup Brush Set

We won’t exaggerate if we say, this collection is going to be enough for you to do your everyday makeup. Now, let’s have a look at those babies, shall we?

 Buffing Brush


The bristle shape is nicely rounded. What we have noticed that it does peel dry patches as the buffing brush from the original RT collection. Although it is said to be ideal for a powder and mineral foundations, we absolutely love it for the liquid foundation application.

 Contour Brush


The brush has perfect size and shape for the soft contouring. Of course, it works wonders as a blush brush!

Stippling Brush


This Stippling Brush might be the least favourite from the whole collection. The bristles sting a bit. Also, the bristles could be slightly longer and less dense in our opinion. The finish is less feathery than expected. You will achieve rather medium coverage with your base because of the relatively small length difference of the two fibres used in the brush.

Deluxe Crease Brush and Shadow Brush


There is nothing bad we can write about both eye makeup brushes in this collection. They are perfect even for small eyelids.

Deluxe Crease brush is thicker and perfect to apply the wash of colour all over your eyelid. You are also going to love it for your cream contour application.


The Base Shadow Brush picks up a powder eyeshadows beautifully. It is soft but firm, perfect as a blending brush.

This purchase was quite of an impulse. Another YouTube-made-me-buy-it types of situation. It is well-assembled set and without a doubt, beautiful collector’s piece.

The whole set costs around €30. Right before this post was uploaded, a price at was off by 20% so you may still have a chance to get a good deal if you are on the market for some new makeup brushes 🙂

4 thoughts on “Real Techniques Berlin Set Review”

  1. I’m new at doing make up. I was thinking of buying RT brushes. Which brush set is better? Core collection, berlin set or bold metal?

    1. Hello Anu! The RT brushes design changed slightly. So I can only speak about the discontinued Sam’s Picks Exclusive Brush Set and Berlin Set. I do find bristles in the Berlins Set softer in general. The Bold Metals are even higher quality as far as I heard. You can start with new Core collection to give them a try 😉

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