obsession 8 amazing red lipsticks Christmas 2016

With the Christmas ahead of us, we have gathered several of our red lipstick makeup looks. You have probably seen them already if you are a good sport and follow us on Instagram 🙂

I love red and red loves me 

We have already shared our unconditional love for the red lipsticks many times here at The Most Sisters Blog. Sure, finding the most flattering shade is time-consuming but without a doubt,  it is worth the effort! There are of course many advise about what is going to suit your skin tone the most.

However, we all know that with the makeup we have available today we can cheap a bit, and choose the proper base and blush to pull off the red lipstick of our choice.

Red Lipstick Shade vs. Skin Tone

Still, it is advisable to follow several simple rules to make the makeup as effortless as possible.

It has been said that if you have olive skin, you are going to look at your best with the orange and coral undertones in your red lipstick. As you can see in the picture below, our friend Paulina looks pretty damn good in an orange-red with her very fair almost porcelain skin.

red orange lipstick makeup
Paulina’s makeup by Magdalena – pic source our Instagram @themostsisters


YSL ROUGE VOLUPTE SHINE in Orange Perfecto €32,51 – pic by iciparisxl.nl


Urban Decay MATTE REVOLUTION LIPSTICK in Matte Temper €24,70 – pic by iciparisxl.nl

For the medium and cooler skin tones, you might do best with bluish and neutral undertones in your lipstick. Like the Red Smile from Dior.

Dior ROUGE DIOR in Red Smile
Dior ROUGE DIOR in Red Smile €33,44 – pic by iciparisxl.nl

The burgundy red lipstick is supposed to suit the warm skin tones, but even with a very fair skin, you can go with darker shades if you have a light touch with it!

Burgundy red lipstick makeup
Magdalena in darker cool toned red.
Dior DIORIFIC MAT in Troublante
Dior DIORIFIC MAT in Troublante €36,76 – pic by iciparisxl.nl

The safest option is to invest in the old time classic red shade, only because you cannot go wrong with it. As an example, Magdalena’s older photo from the beginning of 2016.

classic red shade lipstick makeup
Classic red lipstick makeup look
Urban Decay Vice Lipstick 714 Mega Matte in Bright Red
Urban Decay Vice Lipstick 714 Mega Matte in Bright Red €19,50 – pic by iciparisxl.nl

As Audrey Hepburn once said: “There is a shade of red for every woman”.  So go for it and find your perfect match! Leave a comment below and share your favourites!

2 thoughts on “Red Lipstick Obsession | Winter 2016”

  1. I like to think I can get away with wearing red lipstick all year round! It’s my favourite shade, but Christmas is a good a time as any! This is a lovely post, I never really think about the different shades of red for different skin tones. My favourite is still Illamasqua’s ‘Sangers’ red lipstick 🙂

    Gemma X

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