As it is with beauty boxes around the world, there are some which we do not necessarily stay devoted too. In the past, I would quit the subscriptions after two not-so-pleasing ones. What most of the time  was due to sample size products beeing used too often. Beautybox-wise, we all want something which we could test out, to know whether or not we like the product or not.  And this is what I am getting with the StyleTONE Beauty Box.

My first StyleTONE Box

Nicely Neutral StyleTone Box- May 2016

I was going through some Dutch beauty blogs to see what is new. Although most of the time I order my beauty stash from British web shops or, I keep track of which of my favourite brands are already available in Netherlands so I could order locally – better delivery time, you get the idea.

So long story short, I have found the review of the Styletone box somewhere online, and I was blown away by the beautiful, and full sized makeup products. A few months later, I am devoted subscriber.

Styletone Box – August 2016

Only cruelty-free brands policy

Together with Magdalena, we are trying to be more cautious about our beauty choices. Although it is still not entirely clear what activities during the production process are disqualifying from putting the cruelty-free label on the product, there are organisations which are slowly putting in motion legislation which could solve this issue.  StyeTone Box devoted their box to the brands which do not test their products on animals.


Styletone Box – Juli 2016

Full-sized products

Another positive side is that the five various, full-size beauty-oriented products are shipped to us each month for a price of 12,50€. And it is even cheaper when you subscribe for a longer period.

There were some products over the months; which were not 100% fabulous. But still, I discovered and tried out several brands which I normally would not encounter in the beauty shop behind the corner. Several brands I already consider a bomb, like NOTE Cosmetics or Jelly Pong Pong.

Styletone Box – September 2016

It looks like, StyleTone Box team knows how to approach the brands appropriately and to choose the products that we beauty freaks would enjoy.

To wrap it up

Why I have decided to write this post in the first place, is to encourage our Dutch and Belgian readers to give the StyleTone Box a go.

In the recent years, I have seen several brands beeing created on the contact lists of the former beauty box subscribers after the Glossy Box. I was quitting the subscription about two, three boxes. And I would like this one to stay for good. Cause it is truly one of the best I have seen. Do you agree?

Let us know, if you have your favourite beauty box!


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