Perfect summer base from Catrice Cosmetics review swatches

Catrice Cosmetics has one of my favourite drugstore lip products. I had few of their eyeshadow palettes, but they have been a pass for me. After I had heard amazing things about their base products, I decided to give them a go. I was intrigued by they high coverage and waterproof promises behind them. With the temperatures spiking again, having a makeup with excellent longevity is a must for me.

In the spirit of the summer makeup preparations, I got myself the Lancome 24 Hour Makeup Foundation. I was speechless when it started to wear off after 3 hours. It was supposed to be ‘the next best thing’. Last week I visited the Catrice Cosmetics counter, and now I can tell you that I do prefer the HD Liquid Coverage Foundation over it.

HD Liquid Coverage Foundation

Catrice Cosmetics HD Liquid Coverage Foundation 030 Sand Beige
Catrice Cosmetics HD Liquid Coverage Foundation in 030 Sand Beige

Before I start to coat this foundation with sugar let me first mention few drawbacks.

The biggest con of the HD Liquid Coverage Foundation is the pipette applicator. For a thicker formula like this one, it can be a bit messy to get the product out of the glass bottle.

The formula is very creamy. My regular all face-dotting technique works better for more liquidy foundations. I find it is better to apply it in sections. It does blend well with fingers, brushes and beauty sponges.

One layer provides medium coverage. It can be easily built up even more, but it doesn’t have a capacity to cover my beauty spots completely. The colour of my darkest moles still peeks through.

I have oily skin, so what might be a mattifying property to you for me might goes unnoticed. I do not know if it is my skin type or just the formulation that leaves the foundation feeling bit tacky. So it is my personal preference to set it with powder afterwards.

What I love the most about this foundation is the even and natural looking skin without the mask effect. It does wear longer on me than the mentioned before 24 Hour Makeup from Lancome, and all this for a fraction of the price!

Catrice HD 030 Sand Beige Liquid Coverage Foundation 30 ml – € 6,99

Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer

Catrice Cosmetics Liquid Camouflage high coverage concealer porcelain light beige
Catrice Cosmetics Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer in Porcelain and Light Beige

The concealers are slightly more scented than the foundation. It is not an overpowering smell, but it is definitely noticeable.

The formula is creamy and easy to blend. The doe foot applicator grabs perfect amount of product. One layer provides medium coverage. The under eye area is crease free for long hours. I tested it on my hand under the water stream and let me tell you, once this concealer sets you do have to use makeup remover to get if off properly.

The 010 Porcellain shade works great on the blueish area around my eyes. Afterwards, I like to add the 020 Light Beige to mask the pinkish undertones left after colour correcting. The Porcellain shade is not as light as I thought it would be. Also, the undertone might not be suit many people overall.


catrice cosmetics hd liquid fouadntion sand beige swatches daylight
Swatches in daylight

I usually have issues with the concealers. They tend to leave my skin dry and they exaggerate the texture and fine lines. The liquid Camouflage does none of it! I can add it to the list of my favourite drugstore concealers!

Liquid Camouflage 010 Porcellain High Coverage Concealer 5ml – € 3,59

Liquid Camouflage 020 Light Beige High Coverage Concealer 5 ml – € 3,59

Prime and Fine Mattifying Powder

Catrice Cosmetics Prime and Fine mattifying powder transparent
Catrice Cosmetics Prime and Fine Mattifying Powder in 010 Translucent

The perfect summer makeup base is not complete without a mattifying powder.

This plastic packaging contains a mirror so you can always touch up on the go.

I am very impressed how finely milled The Prime and Fine is. This translucent powder leaves the skin looking flawless. It is my to go powder on the no-makeup-days. I might be imaging things, but I do think it minimises the appearance of my pores even without the serums underneath. It can also be successfully used for setting the under eye concealer. It doesn’t dry out the skin at all.

Prime And Fine 010 Translucent Mattifying Waterproof Powder 9 g – € 4,99

catrice cosmetics HD liquid coverage foudantion look sand beige
Catrice Cosmetics base look

The three products, foundation, concealer and powder, are a high street recipe for a flawless looking skin. I like that the Foundation covers acne scarring on my cheeks with just one layer. I can have that effect with one of my favourites – Milani 2-in-1 Foundation, but the HD Liquid Coverage doesn’t transfer that much on a very hot day, and it is even more affordable.

If you haven’t tried the Catrice Cosmetics makeup base products yet, you shouldn’t hesitate. They are great value for a price!


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